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World's Best Cruise Lanyard

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Comfortable: We designed our Lanyard to be worn all day and night while not even knowing it's there. We started with a Premium 100% double spun nylon core on a 5/8 inch wide frame. 

Functionality: Our lanyards are equipped with a "quick clasp" disconnect system that allows you to remove the lower key card section with a quick finger press. This allows you to show your key card quickly with out the need to remove your whole lanyard. Since our lanyard application is for cruises, we decided that all the hardware should be made of plastic to avoid rusting, this also will prevent any burns from hot metal surfaces.

Safety: Our lanyards incorporate a Safety "Breakaway" system. This system is key to avoid any snags or pulls in case your lanyard catches on something. We should not have to go in to any detail, although you can imagine the type of tragedy this safety feature can avoid. 


Length: 36''

Width: 5/8th''

Lanyard Quality:  Premium double spun nylon

Safety: Flat Plastic breakaway

Buckle Attachment: Plastic Buckle

ID Badge Attachment: Metal Hook 

Manufacturer: SHIP-EEZ

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Ingenious design

Way better than the cheap crap on Amazon, this has a detachable buckle AND a breakaway safety harness, no one else has this, I bought 20 of them as gifts for friends.