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The only all natural Sea-Sickness remedy recommend by doctors!



We tried them all and found most sea-sickness patches only cured some of the symptoms of sea-sickness. This sea-sickness patch is the best one that we found especially for the constant swaying motion of cruise ships. 

These Patches have been tested to be more effective than scopolamine, bonine or motion-eaze. They are also one-fifth the price of RX prescribed scopolamine patches. 



Cinnamon Bark * Panax Root * Datura Flower * Frankincense * Safflower



5 Patches (1/2 box)  1 Person 3-4 Day Cruise
10 Patches (1 box)  2 People 3-4 Day Cruise  
10 Patches (1 box)  1 Person 7-8 Day Cruise
20 Patches (2 boxes)  2 People 7-8 Day Cruise
30 Patches (3 boxes)  3 People 7-8 Day Cruise
40 Patches (4 boxes)  4 People 7-8 Day Cruise

*Each Patch Lasts 18-24 hours depending on the person. Use the Chart Above to determine how many you will need.




  • All Natural
  • Safe and Effective
  • Non-drowsy
  • Fast Acting
  • Water-Proof
  • Approved for use on children (3 & up)
  • Can be combined with use of alcohol 



1. Tear the protective layer off the patch, adhere the adhesive layer above the navel or the back of your ears.

2. Attach the morning of the cruise and replace patch every 18-24 hours or as necessary.

58 total reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Destini Boxall
Not bad at all!

My 10yr old daughter and I went on our first cruise last week, and after lots of research and personal reviews from cruise mates on facebook, we decided to try these patches. Dramamine makes us so sleepy and I was afraid of the side effects from the prescription patch so these were great to find! We each applied one above our navel about an hour before the ship departed port, and even though we felt movement it wasn't enough to make us sick, and we usually get terrible motion sickness. The second morning we showered and both patches fell off, so I replaced mine but my daughter decided she didn't want another one. She did just fine! We went swimming and when I came back to shower once again the patch fell off. So patch number 3 for me within 24 hours. No issues whatsoever that second day with any motion sickness, and after our beach day on day 3 I had to once again replace the patch. The water that night was ROUGH! Even the crew mentioned its the worst they have felt! My daughter still fine although stating it was really rocking but I was really starting to feel dizzy and a bit nauseous. Never threw up but certainly didn't like the feeling on the top decks we were on at the time the waters got rough. We went to our cabin (deck 2 midship) and I did end up taking a dramamine just to be sure I wouldn't throw up, but it knocked me out. Next morning we had to disembark 😞 and I quickly replaced my patch again above the naval in hopes it'd help the "sea legs" feeling and motion sickness from the bus ride we were about to be on. I feel it worked ok for that but I was still not my normal self. All in all I think the patches really helped, they smelled decent, no side effects which was a big selling point, but I wish they adhered better. Maybe it was because I did above the naval where my pants tend to land, but I didn't want to look weird with a brown spot behind my ear. Seems a lot of people had them though so next time I'll put behind the ear. I have recommended these patches to a few first time cruising friends so hope they help them too. Not 100% sure they worked but for me to make it to day 3 with no issues I feel like they did something positive! I plan to buy another box for my next cruise with one of my other kids this November. I'll just put it on sooner and behind my ear to see if it makes a difference.

Amy Huddleston McDaniel
I was a skeptic

Can't lie, I was a skeptic, but this stuff worked on our last cruise! I was happy to not have to worry about side effects of scopolamine when i had a drink and still get the benefits of not getting motion sickness. I'll be using this on all our road trips now!

Ashlee Cashion
Worked Great

My husband started getting seasick and after placing on this patch, he was ready to explore the ship

Jennifer E
Worked perfectly!

I will 100% use these EVERY time I need to in the future!

Megan Smith
Sea sickness patch

I was very nervous to go on a cruise because I experience sea sickness....I read other reviews and these seem to work well for others so I decided to give them a try. They worked perfectly and I did not get sick at all. I definitely recommend these to others!